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The Perfect Answer to ' Why Do You Want This Job '

Do you've a job interview soon? A tricky but frequently asked question during an application is 'Why do you want this job?' Don't underestimate this question! With an answer such as 'because it's a very good company and I would like to work there' you won't impress. Employers ask this question to test your interest and preparation. It's the perfect opportunity to show that you stand out from the crowd.

The Perfect Answer to

5 tips help you to formulate a strong answer!:

1. Make a list

It's useful to make a list of points that are important to you for a new job, such as: varied work, salary, company with a good image, certain working conditions, a Friday afternoon drink and team bonding. This list can help you come up with a strong answer and gives you insight into your personal expectations.

2. Know the company

This is it! The time to show your enthusiasm about the position and of course to demonstrate what you know about the company. When preparing your application it's important to delve into the organization. Research the history, mission and vision. Check social media or look up how the organization has been in the news. Which characteristics match your wish list of step 1? Think for yourself what appeals to you and why. Perhaps there are people in your area who know the employer. Ask about their experiences!

3. Have a clear motivation

Try to get a good idea of ​​your personal motives. What makes your blood flow faster? What really energizes you? Indicate how this matches the position. Link your personal motives to the vision, mission, services and culture of the organization. By telling about your passions you definitely make a good impression on your conversation partner.

4. Make the link between your experience and the position

Convince your interlocutor how your experience and skills match the company. Indicate what you've done before and what matters correspond to the position you're applying for. So focus on knowledge and experience that's relevant. What makes you suitable for this job?

5. Make sure that your ambition matches the mission

Think carefully in advance how you've your future in mind. Can you achieve your goals at the company you're applying for? How do you envision that? Explain what you want to achieve and why the career opportunities within the organization suit you. Employers would like to hear that their mission matches your personal ambitions.

Now that you know why you want the job, it's time to pop. Good luck with the preparation of your job interview. You can do it!

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