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These are the 10 Professions And Jobs of the Future

Due to the continuous technological developments (hi, robots) and automation, jobs are being lost, but new jobs are also being created. What are the most promising jobs today? What are the professions of the future? Get inspired!

These are the 10 Professions And Jobs of the Future

There will be plenty of jobs in the next five years, predicts a researcher in education and labor market. The booming economy, retiring baby boomers and new government policies mean employees have a choice. That's a good thing too, because there will be 6.2% more employed in 2022 compared to two years ago (source: ' The labor market by education and occupation until 2022 '). What's there really need in the near future? The 10 most requested functions in a row.

1. Medical functions

Because the cabinet is pumping billions in healthcare, a shortage in medical functions is expected. Think of doctors, but also medical practice assistants, lab technicians, physiotherapists, psychologists and nurses. The latter is specially in demand: the demand for nurses increases by 6.5% every year.

2. Technical professions

Despite the many recruitment campaigns, the shortage in technology remains. In the coming years, no fewer than 94,800 (!) People will be needed in the entire sector. Have you done a technical study or do you've a technical profession? Crazy, because there will be a need for electricians, electricians, architects, car mechanics and engineers in the near future. The greatest demand in this sector: engineers.

3. ICT functions

If you're an ICT expert, you've gold in your hands. Employees are difficult to find for nine out of ten ICT professions. The main focus is on data scientist and software and application developers. But the demand for Cyber ​​Security Experts is even greater according to Indeed.

4. Construction

When the economy grows, construction is the first sector to notice this. In short: there's always work in construction. According to Monsterboard, it's becoming increasingly important for companies to build sustainably. Do you've good ideas about that? Then clients will be in line for you.

5. Transport and logistics

The next five years will see growth in the transport and logistics sector, with growth of 2.3% per year in demand for drivers of cars, taxis and vans. It's not unrealistic that drones will occupy an important place in the transport sector: the first unmanned taxi drone was already flying in Dubai. Maybe you will become the first specialized drone pilot to deliver packages!

6. Receptionist or operator

The demand for telephone operators and receptionists will be greatest in business economics and administrative professions. Demand is growing at an annual rate of 2.1%, while demand for secretaries is set to decline.

7. Teachers

The demand for teachers will increase in the coming years, as many will retire. In some countries there's mainly a shortage of teachers in primary education, in secondary education the main focus is on physics, mathematics, chemistry and language teachers.

8. Cooks

Are you a kitchen prince (es)? There's a good chance that you'll simply continue to work in the coming years, because the automation of the chef's profession is only 10%, according to research from the University of Oxford. Now that we're out of the recession, more and more restaurants pop up, which is causing a significant increase in vacancies for kitchen staff. Vacancies remain open for a long time, specially in the Randstad.

9. Interpreters

Just as we'll always have to eat (see point 8), we'll also have to understand each other if we want to work together. From aid organizations to legal companies: there's always a need for and remain specialists in certain languages ​​(and cultures). Not a new profession, but one that you can continue to work with in the future.

10. Jobs in social media

Your company doesn't count today if you aren't active on social media. The possibilities of Twitter, Factoor and Instagram are unprecedented and that will only increase in the future. If you're an expert or marketer in the field of social media, there will be enough work for you in the near future.

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