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Want to Make the Most of Your Career? Do Not Do These 7 Things

Do you feel that you're stuck in your job, knowing that you've much more to offer? It may just not be your boss, but you who are holding back the next step in your career. If you want to give your ambitions a chance, make sure you don't sabotage yourself with these seven habits:

Want to Make the Most of Your Career? Do Not Do These 7 Things

1- You work overtime regularly, but don't take time for yourself

Not only what you do in the office affects your work. Working longer without grumbling may be a good indication that you take your job seriously; if you're just working, it affects how you feel and therefore also - consciously or not - on how you appear. If you want to show up at work full of energy and in a good mood, it's best to make time for a good dose of self-care on a regular basis. Meditating, spending an evening in the bath, yoga or a walk in the woods: everything you need to be the best version of yourself.

2- You settle for a job that doesn't make you happy

Specially at the beginning of your career, it can be tempting to take every job that comes your way with two hands. That's a great way to gain as much experience as possible and discover what you do and what you don't want. But sticking with a company that actually doesn't suit you, for example because you then have the certainty of a permanent contract, is a big no go when it comes to your personal development. If you do something for which you love to get out of bed in the morning, you radiate that. If it's abundantly clear that you've a real passion for your work, you'll stand out and then that next step will automatically come your way.

3- You don't believe in yourself

If you're unsure whether you've what it takes to take your career to the next level, why would someone else trust it? Doubting your abilities increases the chance that the next promotion will pass you again. Be positive about your own abilities and trust yourself. Positive affirmations or reading self-help books, for example about success in the workplace and personal development, can give you a helping hand.

4- You don't ask for what you want

Your boss has no idea what your ambitions are if you aren't clear about it. Do you want to follow a course? Ask for it. Do you've too much on your plate and could you use some help? Be honest. Be proactive and don't worry about what someone else will think if you ask for something. Probably the objections are mainly in your own head, and your boss only likes to know exactly what you can and want to do.

5- You keep yourself small

According to a Forbes study, men have little trouble applying for a job for which they aren't fully qualified. Most women, on the other hand, don't apply until they meet all job requirements and conditions. Eternal sin. Because who says you can't master those missing competencies in no time? Show confidence and just apply for the position you want so much. Who knows it may not work, but who knows. And then you would have almost missed that dream job.

6- You complain too much

No job is perfect. Even if you finally have that job you worked so hard for, there's something wrong. Boring small jobs that you don't feel like, a lazy colleague, or too many meetings that also take too long. Too bad, that's part of it. Focus on the complete picture and keep your irritations to yourself. Grumbling does no good for the working atmosphere and - even worse - creates a blemish on your image.

7- You're spending your time wrong

Answering emails, handling phone calls: much of your day-to-day work may be of minor importance, but still quite time consuming. Prioritize and prioritize what's really important. Start your day with that, so you can do those tasks as best you can. At the end of the day, if your energy level is no longer optimal, reserve for the chores that require a little less brain work.

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