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Why are You Looking for a New Job? 3 Good Reasons

Applying is often a matter of strategically deciding whether or not to tell something. For example, it's better not to tell that you're often often a muddlehead if you've to mention a bad characteristic. You do say that you've been following language lessons all your life because you want to continuously update your communication skills. The same applies to the question why you are actually looking for a new job. This is how you can answer that question strategically.

Why are You Looking for a New Job? 3 Good Reasons

It's obvious to you that you're looking for a new job because you could not get through with your previous boss or simply because you want to earn more, it's not always wise to play open card about this. But how do you do this? We will provide you with 3 good optional reasons.

Reason(s) you may give to answer 'why you're looking for a new job':

1. You hate your current job

If you experience deep-seated hatred of your current job, then it's tempting to express that hatred in the same way. A toxic work culture, an unreasonable boss, a killer boring job content... We understand all too well that you decide to apply elsewhere because of these factors.

Yet there's one big red flag during job interviews: never speak badly about your previous employer. In this way you signal that you'll do the same if you ever leave your new job, and that's the last thing that benefits the employer.

In this case, you can answer by citing that your personal ambitions, communication styles and values ​​do not completely match those of the organization. Also indicate that you're currently looking for positions that better suit your values, skills and strengths.

In this way you also deviate as quickly as possible from a situation in which you're going to accuse your current employer.

2. You want more growth opportunities

Wanting more growth opportunities is a legitimate argument to quote why you want a new job. Nobody will look you skewed for that, but it's even better to specify this answer.

So consider why you'll be able to develop your talents at this organization. But also why this's an added value for the company. For example, find out in advance whether the organization has a strong Learning & Development policy and indicate in which areas you would still like to grow.

In this case, you can answer by naming concrete skills that you suspect you'll be able to develop in the new position. Also indicate that this's a way to stay motivated and to commit yourself to the organization in the long term.

That way you avoid employers suspecting that you only see this position as a stepping stone to another job. So be careful with this and assure them of a full commitment!

3. You are ready for a career switch

Do you want to immerse yourself in a new field? Are you ready for something completely different? Beautiful! Only there's a chance that your profile doesn't (yet) fully match what's in the vacancy.

In that case it's tempting to play open card and start your motivation with: "I know I don't have the right background for this position, but.. ". But as fair and sincere as that sounds, it's not very wise. After all, the person on the other side of the table will immediately get the impression that you're not the perfect person. That way you create a huge backlog compared to the other candidates.

In this case, you can answer by naming parallels between your previous job and the position for which you're applying (however different the two may be!). This can range from resolving conflicts to social human contact to creative thinking (general, universal skills).

That way, the person on the other side of the table will gain confidence in your career switch. (He or she)'ll know that you've the right skills.

Think about this beforehand, so that you don't have your mouth full during your conversation and that leaves a good impression!

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