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Why is Career Planning a Significant Endeavor

Career planning is a significant endeavor because it provides many advantages and learning you: "Which competencies you have, what you want in the future, how you function within the company and how you can develop yourself personally". Career planning is accompanied by career guidance or career coaching together with a career advisor who helps you.

Why is Career Planning a Significant Endeavor

Why do people want to develop?

Career planning is very important to every individual. People want to develop and grow further. This way they become more confident and feel better about themselves. This all has to do with the fact that people want to prove themselves. They want to prove themselves to people at work and around them. In this way they get appreciation and they start to feel better themselves. This gives a positive effect, because one effect reinforces the other. By this I mean that as people grow and get better, they get compliments and appreciation, which makes them want to grow further and achieve even more. Career planning is very important for the company in general, but also for the employees. Career planning can make the difference between a good company and a malfunctioning company.

Why career planning?

Employee mobility is very important for keeping organizations flexible, which requires career planning. For many employees, change is what keeps them on their toes. Nowadays they can no longer stick to the same function, because the functions change over and over again. There's a need to look ahead, because after a change, some jobs may disappear and others will join. Is there still room for a certain person after a reorganization? If not, what else can he do? It would not be nice to hear that there's no longer a place in the organization, but if you know in time you can go and see the possibilities together with the career advisor. If there's a place do I need courses or further training? Or can I return to work without additional knowledge? And can I then perform my job optimally? It's also important if you no longer want to work in the organization that the organization knows that too. This's therefore an important topic for career planning. How does the employee see his own future. If the company knows that, it can adapt to it. This gives a better outcome for the company and for the employee. When the company does career planning, the employees also feel that they're involved in the company. This gives employees more confidence in the company and improves involvement. This will then automatically result in better cooperation between employer and employee.

What already a company has no career planning?

If there are no career interviews at companies, it could be that the motivation drops among the employees. Many employees would rather quit because there are no further opportunities in the company for them. This would not be good for many companies because there's a lot of time in each employee before they can function properly in the company. If an employee knows where to grow, he'll want to develop and become more committed to the company. This gives great motivation to many employees.


Career planning is actually indispensable for every company, because it keeps your company running and fresh. In this way, no tired people who are tired of their jobs are created and so no people with the wrong education come to the wrong place in the company. This's all very important for a company, because if people have to work too hard, because they're actually under-skilled or that they've to do too little, because they're over-educated, it has a negative effect on the company. If all people end up in the right place in the company, it can make a world of difference. People must be satisfied with their job and well-trained so that they can fill in that job well.

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