10 career tips for those who aren't really looking for a new job


Do you love your job? Not a hair on your head thinking of leaving? Even if you're blessed with a super fun job, it's always helpful to keep your eyes and ears open. Businesses can be quite unpredictable and before you know it you'll be out on the street. But if you're well prepared, there is no reason to panic.

If you're happy in your job, you've no reason to look for something new. Still, it's a good idea to check every now and then what options you still have. Because it can always happen that a company has to save money, or even goes bankrupt. Ten tips for those not really looking for a new job.

1. LinkedIn

Play your assets on LinkedIn. After all, this is the perfect place to keep your resume and show it to potential employers. With a summary of your education, experiences, volunteer work, skills and diplomas, you immediately tell casual viewers who you're and what you're good at.

Ready? Then make connections with the people you know. Don't add strangers, because they won't help you in difficult moments and finally, join relevant groups. The ideal way to make the right contacts.

By the way, did you know that you can also post your resume online on Indeed.com, in order to be found by interesting employers?

2. Recommendations

Write recommendations on LinkedIn. That'll undoubtedly give you a few recommendations yourself and of course they immediately catch the eye of potential employers.

3. Social Media

LinkedIn is of course not the only social network. Facebook and Instagram may be the places where you mainly share personal information with friends and family. These platforms can also help you find a new job. Specially if you keep in touch with former colleagues and don't forget Twitter!

4. Networking

And we don't just mean online. Go to a company party now and then, or show up at networking events. The more contacts, the more opportunities can arise.

5. Invest

Not money, but time. Maintain your relationships with former colleagues, friends and acquaintances. So occasionally post an update on Facebook and Twitter, or regularly ask certain people how they're doing. If they see that you care about them, they're much more likely to help you when you need it. Useful!

6. Company hunt

You may have found a nice job, but you probably also have a list of companies that you would like to work for. Check their websites regularly for news and vacancies, and who knows, you might stumble upon the job you really dream of.

7. Job sites

From time to time, also take a look at websites with job offers. Indeed, for example. Quickly indicate which job you're looking for, and who knows, you may discover a position that's just right for you. Without you ever thinking about it or create a personal profile and sign up to receive tailor-made jobs by e-mail.

8. Up to date

Do you regularly attend training or have you recently been promoted? Then immediately adjust your resume. Always make sure that you've a motivation letter ready, tailored to your qualities and the job you're looking for. That way you can immediately apply if an interesting vacancy comes up.

9. Interview Time

Don't take all your vacation days. If a great opportunity arises, you've room to make time for a conversation. Immediately make sure you've a good outfit, so that you look great during your application.

10. Start from scratch

Read this list every quarter. Is your network growing on LinkedIn? Do you keep in touch with the people on social media? Do you've an idea for which jobs you qualify? Are you all set for an unexpected conversation with a potential employer? If you're well prepared, it's much easier to quickly find a new job later on.

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