10 Tips to read more every day


Time to make those good intentions come true

Invariably one of our New Year's resolutions: read more. Because that stack of books next to your bed has been growing steadily for a number of years. And you have not been able to talk about the debut novel of that up-and-coming writer or about the biography of that well-known cult hero for ages. And that's a pity.

Fortunately, we aren't the worst and we are happy to give you some tips to devour a few pages every day. Because really: with so many beautiful stories in the world, it's a shame not to do it.

1. Drag that book everywhere you go. And yes, we mean everywhere!

Look, that's where it all starts. Reading becomes quite difficult when, say, you don't have a book with you. Do you find it damn awkward to carry around a heavy book every time? Then choose an e-reader or apps to have a story with you everywhere.

2. Read one thing at a time.

See, if you can multitask, that's a great gift. But when reading books? Not such a good idea. It ensures that you can't completely immerse yourself in one story. Plus, it's often super confusing. So don't.

3. Join a book club.

May sound a bit old-fashioned, but trust us this helps! Think of it as a stick behind the door. After all, nobody wants to be that person who comes to the book club but has not read the book and therefore fakes everything and actually makes a fool of themselves. Don't be that person.

4. Read only what you like. Is not it fun? Put. The book. Down!

Life is way too short to read books you don't like. And it can also take away all your enjoyment of reading. Does that novel that everyone disapprovingly calls a guilty pleasure makes you completely happy ? Read that bite! After all, it should be a party.

5. Use any idle moment to read a few pages.

That moment when you're waiting for your boyfriend at the station? Or when your girlfriend tries on that load of clothes while shopping? These are the perfect moments to read a few pages. And if you always have your book in your bag (see point 1), that is very easy. Before you know it, you've devoured that whole series.

6. Read during your workout.

No, by this we don't mean that you carry your book with you during your fortnightly run in the park. Unless of course you opt for an audiobook, which is a good replacement for your invigorating top 40 playlist. You immediately tackle two New Year's resolutions, who wouldn't want that?

But does your weekly sports moment consist of tens of minutes on the treadmill or cross trainer? Then you can easily read your book - provided you don't go for a sprint of course - while exercising. A win-win situation!

7. Read before going to bed.

Make a habit of reading every night before going to bed. Not only does it help you fall asleep much better than, for example, watching a series, but it also ensures a regular reading rhythm so that you can finish that book in no time.

8. Befriend a bookworm.

You know that feeling when you think everyone should read that book because it's so awesome? Right, unfortunately not everyone is open to this enthusiasm and that is why it's so nice to have a reading buddy. There is nothing more fun than sharing that enthusiasm for a new story together.

9. Find a quiet spot.

Don't have a library, empty room or quiet bench at your disposal for a while? No problem! You can very easily shut out the outside world, as it were, by putting on your headphones and playing soothing music - think: raindrops on the window, the sound of the sea. Believe us, this really works!

10. Combine reading with something you really enjoy.

Isn't it possible to pick up that book every day? But do you sit on the couch with that glass of wine every night? Then combine it! If you intensely enjoy a glass of joice in the evening or that cup of coffee in the morning, combine this moment with - reading - your book and you have never read so fast.

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