15 tips to make learning easier


Make learning easier for yourself

Learning isn't always fun, even we'll admit it. But sometimes it's really necessary to do. At such times it's useful to make learning as easy as possible, so that you can get through it quickly and without too many unscathed. To make this possible for you, we have found 15 tips, so that you can learn more easily and focus your attention on other things.

1. Find your "most effective way of working"

Everyone has a preference when it comes to learning. This is how I learn best by watching and imitating. But it's of course possible that you learn quickly by reading or by listening. Everyone has their own method, so find the method that works for you, then you make it a lot easier for yourself.

2. Write things down

Writing down information makes it easier to remember. By the way, writing down is much better than typing. One of the best tricks below is writing cheat sheets. You don't even have to take this with you, because there is a good chance that you'll remember the material better by writing it down.

3. Make sure your brain isn't busy with anything else

If you've a lot of things in your head, you've to clear your head before you start learning. This distraction makes it impossible to learn. A good way to clear your head is to write everything down or talk to someone about it. That way you can then fully focus on learning again.

4. Be active before learning

If you've been active before learning, your brain is active too. For example, exercise or go outside. There are different ways in which you can activate yourself. For example, a few stretches may be enough.

5. Learn in intervals

As with many sports, using intervals is an effective way to get better at something. The same goes for learning. When you learn in intervals, you ensure that your brain receives information at a regular pace. Your brain can then process this better, because it has time for this in between.

6. Visualize what you learn

The use of graphs, mind maps and other visual means makes it easier to retain information. As humans we are very dependent on what we see. This ensures that we can quickly learn from the things we see.

7. Provide a good learning environment

A good learning environment helps you to learn. For example, learning in an environment that is intended for that purpose, such as a library or learning space at school, is a good place. Ambient noise is also part of the learning environment. So keep that in mind. Music also applies here, one person can learn better when he/she listens to music, while the other is distracted by it.

8. Learn with others

Being with others can motivate you to learn. You don't even need to interact with these people, just being together can be enough to help you learn, as the sense of belonging is motivating and calming.

9. Avoid most distractions while learning

While learning, make sure you do n't have any unnecessary distractions. So don't sit in a room with a TV, leave your phone off or on silent, and ask people to leave you alone while learning. When you can focus on one thing at a time, you make that task easier for yourself. The same goes for learning.

10. Make sure you're alert

To learn something new you've to be alert. This means you need to get a good night's sleep, eat right, and drink plenty of water. This way you're fully prepared and you stay alert to what you've to do.

11. Get Organized Before You Start

Being prepared to learn helps you learn yourself. If you organize and prepare everything for yourself, it's not only easier to get started, but also to learn for a longer period of time. In any case, make sure that you've everything within reach, so that you don't have to leave your learning environment. This keeps you focused.

12. Brainstorm the topic

Learning about a subject becomes easier when you're intrinsically involved with it. Brainstorm the topic so that the basic information is used to come up with new ideas. This ensures that the basic information sticks more easily.

13. Try to combine information about topics

Like brainstorming, this is a good way to remember information about topics. By combining the information from different topics, you ensure that relationships are created between the topics. These relationships make it easier for you to retrieve the information when you need it.

14. Get creative with what you learn

By being creative with the things you learn, you make learning them easier. So make up stories about the subject, write a poem or sing about it. By doing this, you stimulate the brain to think about it and remember it more easily.

15. Explain it to others

Explaining a lesson material helps you to remember the material. To teach something, you subconsciously spend a lot of time on the material, which makes it easier to remember.

Get started and make learning easier for yourself

Hopefully these tips will help you a lot and make learning just that - little bit - easier for yourself. We hope you succeed! Do you've any tips or tricks that work well? Be sure to leave them in the comments! Learning in a way that suits you? Maybe one of free online courses is something for you!

Good luck learning!

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