Improving Social Skills : 15 Tips!


With good social skills your life will be a lot nicer and easier. Invest in your social skills by getting started with these 15 tips!

Your life revolves around people

Why should you invest in improving your social skills? Quite simply, your life revolves around people. As much as we can be busy with our personal goals and collecting stuff, people is what it's all about in the end.

They are other people from whom you receive love, with whom you can laugh, make love, exchange ideas and so on. By improving your social skills you can learn to deal with people better, and you can enrich your life immensely.

Top tips to become socially skilled?

Below you'll find 15 basic tips for improving your social skills. Try to apply these tips one by one in your life so that they slowly become part of your character.

1. Be aware of your behavior

When you talk to people, be aware of your own behavior and feelings. Notice when you feel uncomfortable, and later check with yourself why you felt that way. Think of ways to turn these feelings into positive ones in the future.

2. Ask people for feedback

Ask for honest feedback from people you trust. What do others think of your social skills, and where do they see areas for improvement? Don't feel attacked by the criticism. Approach the comments professionally and write them down. These are direct learning points that you can work on.

Also write down all the positives that people see in you. If you know what people really appreciate in you, you can emphasize and develop these positive sides of yourself even more.

3. Think about your posture

Body language accounts for about 50% of the communication you convey to others. Maintain an open, confident posture. Look people in the eye when you talk to them, but don't come across as a freak. Talk with your hands, smile and try to adapt your posture to your interlocutor.

When you work on an open body posture, you'll notice that people will approach you more quickly and that you'll make contact much more easily. People are more likely to approach someone who appears approachable and cheerful than to someone who seems insecure.

4. Really listen to what the other person is saying

Are you genuinely interested in what people say to you? Force yourself to really listen, even if the story doesn't interest you that much. If you find your mind wandering to another topic, grab yourself by the scruff of the neck and stick to your lesson.

5. Ask interesting questions

Only when you've genuinely listened to what the other person has to say can you ask good questions. People love to talk about themselves, so give them that opportunity. Hook up to the things they just told you with interesting questions. Then listen to the answer again. Sympathize with their problems.

6. Always greet people

Make it a habit to greet people everywhere you go. You can greet strangers very well just by smiling at them. When you're in a more intimate setting (such as at a birthday party or in a waiting room) it's good to really greet people with a smile and a friendly "Good morning." Also dare to shake people's hands when the occasion calls for it.

7. Introduce yourself and others

Are you chatting with two friends, and suddenly a friend of a friend appears that you don't know? Then extend your hand, shake the hand and introduce yourself. This way you avoid strange situations and you immediately make a good impression.

Even when you bring people together who don't know each other well, it's good to introduce them to each other. "Maaike, this is Chris, he is the colleague who wrote that great article. Chris, this is Maaike, she is my best friend and also a great journalist."

8. Be polite and diplomatic

Treat people with respect and be polite to everyone you meet. Really treat others as you would like to be treated in everyday life. Should you tell people something unpleasant, or reject something? Then do this as diplomatically as possible, without hurting the feelings of the other person.

9. Share your own problems and secrets

By being open to people you can even start a conversation with the most silent types. Be the first to dare to expose yourself. Share about things you did wrong or about secrets you cherish. Because you expose yourself, even distrustful people are more likely to trust you.

10. Be patient

Not everyone communicates as effectively, and not everyone is as fast as you might like. Be patient. Patience is a beautiful quality in social relationships, and people will certainly appreciate this quality in you.

11. Work on your own self-confidence

With a healthy dose of self-confidence you can mean more to the people around you. Those who love themselves and are in balance can share more happiness with the people around them. Actively work on increasing your self-confidence and notice how your social skills grow automatically.

12. Realize that people aren't what they say

You can say so much in your life, you aren't what you say. Learn to essentially respect people for who they are, whatever they do or say. Have respect for the human being who is hidden under all statements and actions. Inside we are the same. It's up to you to reach that beautiful inner self as quickly as possible in other people. Always assume the good in people.

13. Find solutions first within yourself

When you experience problems with someone, look within yourself before you put the blame on the other person. What can you do to solve this problem? What happens when you take responsibility for yourself?

14. Be honest

Honesty is a golden quality. Those who go through life honestly keep a clear conscience and, moreover, a pure circle of friends. When something bothers you, communicate it as quickly and honestly as possible. Say what you really think without hurting people unnecessarily.

15. Be loving

Spread love among the people you meet. Radiate heat. Smile, be kind and treat people with respect. Loving people get a lot of love in return. By being there for people, other people will be there for you.

Invest in social contacts and see how your life is enriched with love.

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