Learning sign language?


How do I learn to communicate with sign language?

Sign language is the first natural language of deaf people. Instead of the spoken word, they use hands and faces to make clear what is meant. At school, at work, among family or acquaintances, in the community center or at the sports club you can meet the deaf or have seen the deaf gesturing.

In practice there is a fear of thresholds to come into contact with the deaf. The hearing don't understand the deaf or the deaf don't understand the hearing. The fear of not being understood or being understood also plays a major role in this. As a result, communication is sometimes shunned, with the result that deaf people remain isolated and become isolated.

One of the consequences of this is that the deaf (they are in the minority) have been pushed to the margins of society. But the barrier between the deaf and the hearing can disappear if you learn to communicate with the deaf.

Sign courses

That is why sign courses are given. In these sign language courses you'll be taught to communicate with the deaf more smoothly, more easily and with less fear.

The courses have been developed by the Sign Center, a development center in the field of Sign Language. The Sign Center also provides training for teachers who give sign courses. The two types of courses are based on two different forms of communication.

If you're interested in learning gestures, there are "different" types of courses that you can choose from.

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