The 7 best apps for learning a new language


Learning a new language can be quite a task, because where do you start with learning Spanish or French, for example? Fortunately, you can use a number of handy apps on your smartphone and tablet that help you learn a language step by step. We have listed the seven best apps for learning a language.

Learn language with an app

It doesn't matter if you're serious about learning a language or if you want to learn some basics like hello, please and thank you before going on vacation. There are plenty of apps available that help you to make yourself understood abroad. With these seven language apps you can practice and learn to speak another language through your Android smartphone or tablet.


Duolingo is perhaps one of the best-known apps for learning a new language. You start off easily in Duolingo with some basics and as you progress the first grammatical differences are discussed. You can create a club in Duolingo where you compete with others for the weekly title, you can also motivate others to learn a language.


Memrise has been named one of the best apps of 2017 according to Google. This application teaches you a language as a kind of game where you get to master a language better through the adventure. Because you speak a language better and better, you progress in the adventure and the enemy will not quickly realize that you're learning the language.

Memrise has some additional options for language learning such as chatbots that allow you to have a conversation. A pro mode gives offline access to all courses and modes. There are more than enough new languages ​​to discover in the Memrise app such as Japanese, English, German or French.


Simya has released several apps for Android that allow you to learn a language. Whether you want to learn Swedish, Norwegian, Thai, Japanese, Korean, German, English, Russian or Turkish for example; the Simya 'Learn Simple' apps help you with this. The application contains a large number of sentences, words and texts that you can learn and that are clearly pronounced. So you can practice your pronunciation! You can find the rest of the apps for the different languages ​​via the developer's page in the Play Store.


One of the best apps of 2015, Busuu, teaches you languages ​​in a number of different ways. This way you can practice speaking and writing, but you also receive grammar tips and you hear sound fragments. The application also tests whether your new language skills have stuck with quizzes. Busuu teaches you the 3000 most important words in a language spread over 150 different topics.


Babbel helps you learn various languages, ranging from Spanish to Russian and Indonesian. You can select and practice your favorite conversation theme in the app. On average, a lesson in the Babbel app lasts about 15 minutes. The language lessons are made by professional linguists.


Tandem is a community for learning new languages, where you'll find interlocutors to put that difficult foreign language into practice. Specially useful when you don't actually know anyone who speaks the same language as you're learning. When registering, a number of questions are asked and your registration must be approved by the administrators.

Google Translate

Although Google Translate doesn't always provide the best translation, this app can be a godsend to clarify what you mean. Google Translate has support for dozens of languages ​​and quite a few of them can be used for a translation. Also read our Google Translate tips. There is also a handy tool with which you can turn on the help of Google Translate directly from another app.

Bonus tip: Drops

We have added an extra application to this list. It's the Drops app, a free app with a very sleek design. With the Drops app you can learn more than 30 languages ​​in a playful way. You can get back on track in 5 minutes a day. There are also some playful elements that make learning a new language more fun and less difficult. With your own statistics you can see how you're doing and you can share your results with your friends.

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