Which language is best to learn for a thriving career


More and more employers are looking for employees who speak Chinese. That's what job site Indeed concluded following a survey they did in August 2019. Indeed compared the requested language skills in job openings with that of a year earlier and saw an explosive increase of almost 70% when it comes to knowledge of Chinese (Mandarin).

Increased demand for Chinese

Also striking is the 24% increase in vacancies in which knowledge of the Dutch language is specifically requested. In addition to an increased demand for knowledge of the Chinese language, employers are also increasingly looking for people who speak French, Italian, Portuguese or Japanese.

Speak at least two languages

The most requested language in vacancies is Dutch. German and English occupy second and third place respectively in the ranking of most requested languages. Overall conclusion of the study is that for many positions you need to speak at least two languages.

With which language do you earn more?

The Swiss researcher Fran├žois Grin has calculated that learning the English language is the most profitable for Europeans. The effort you have to put in will pay for itself the fastest. German and French are a good choice for Europeans, but he also calculated that knowledge of Chinese would quickly increase in value on the labor market.

The rapid advance of Chinese was also noticed by the Catholic University of Leuven, which was researching the situation in Belgium. Professor Luc Sels calls Chinese "the ultimate asset for your salary and for your career". If you master the Chinese language and have the right papers, you'll earn 7.09% more, according to the Leuven research.

The best choice for you

So there is more attention for speaking languages. But which language can you learn best? Should we all learn Chinese? It just depends. Let the choice of language depend on factors such as:

  • Which countries does the company you work for do business with?
  • In which other countries is your company located?
  • What are the main export countries for the industry you work in?
  • Which country is leading the way in your field?

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