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10 Advantages of Doing Business

Entrepreneurship is fun, that is, if it suits you. All advantages at a glance.

Every now and then, often at the end of the week, I think again how much fun entrepreneurship actually is. I'm surprised that not everyone is quitting their jobs en masse and starting a business. Just, big finger up to the employer and get started!

10 Advantages of Doing Business

But then I realize that people are different. Not everyone is happy with uncertainty and high peaks and deep valleys. Not everyone is willing to spend at least 60 hours a week on the case and the fact that you're the spittoon of the government isn't easy to digest for everyone.

But for those who want to, but still doubt my top 10 benefits of doing business.

1. Freedom

With number one spot. The freedom to do what you think is important, without the permission of your manager and without prior criticism from your colleagues.

2. Own responsibility

The knowledge that all choices you make are 100% your responsibility and that you also bear all the consequences with conviction. Your case, your consequences.

3. Being the boss

Maybe not politically correct, but it's sometimes nice to be in charge. Participation is allowed, but you decide. Nice!

4. Financial independence

Money isn't the most important thing, but it's nice. If your choices lead to success, you also benefit financially and that's good. Think about that if the business keeps going while you're sailing on the Mediterranean Sea.

5. Social involvement

Because you, as an entrepreneur, make the decisions yourself, you'll regularly contribute to society. For example in the form of sponsoring, but perhaps also by making internships available. An entrepreneur is at the heart of society.

6. Be creative

Invent new products, conclude good contracts, win customers for you. All subjects in which you can be creative. That's beautiful!

7. Lower tax burden

As an employee you first pay tax and then you spend money. That works the other way around as an entrepreneur. However you get used to it, that's nice. (And specially if, like me, you think * all * tax is theft.)

8. Other network

I didn't expect it, but as an entrepreneur you've a different network. Indeed, from other entrepreneurs and unlike my 'old' network, this network focuses on sharing information, exchanging experiences and sharing opportunities. In short: to help each other!

9. Challenges

Perhaps a truth like a cow, but as an entrepreneur you're constantly challenged to solve problems and use opportunities. If you like to be challenged, entrepreneurship is for you.

10. Variety

New things. Well, I love it. One moment you're busy with the administration and the next moment You're giving a sales presentation. For me, the variety associated with doing business is an important plus.


Entrepreneurship is fun. Really. But if the above benefits of doing business don't appeal to you, it might not be for you and actually that's also good.

After all, companies need employees to grow and so the world is back in balance...

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