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6 Tips for Managing a Team

Teamwork is important to achieve results, most managers agree. Yet too little attention is often paid to forging a good team. The technical aspect works well for many organizations; bringing people with the right expertise together and setting deadlines. Building a motivated team proves difficult in practice. However, with a little extra effort, managers can tackle the most common problems.

6 Tips for Managing a Team

1. What and how comes after the why!

People are more likely to work hard if they know what they're doing it for (and we don't mean just salary). Make sure everyone knows how important this's to business goals at the start of a project. Take the time to answer questions and allow the team to speak up. It's important that everyone understands the value of the team and the goal!

2. Be an example

It may sound cliche, but to create confidence and group feeling you'll also have to radiate the attitude that you like to see among the team members. Including sharing frustrations and being vulnerable. Be open and honest about the expected attitude of the team members. Make sure these expectations are realistic and above all, if you make a mistake yourself, admit it and take responsibility.

3. Keep communicating

Be open about the status of the project and the changes. Both with success and disappointing results. In addition, also respond to the individual members, compliment members who do well! And, start a conversation with members who perform less. This way you ensure that everyone remains involved and know what's going on.

4. Celebrate success

Celebrate progress and good results. This increases involvement, motivation and specially the atmosphere. Despite the advantages, this still happens too little. Have coffee with the whole team nearby, have lunch outside the house or order snacks. Don't be alone if something goes wrong, there's bound to be a fun way to celebrate your successes!

5. Set up a group reward

Working together on a goal also means being rewarded together for good performance. For more information about rewards: The dos and don'ts of a bonus scheme.

6.Outside the office

The best way to get to know your team is outside the office. So go and do something together! Activities not only provide more motivation and atmosphere for the long term, they can also be a cradle for new ideas.

Get the best out of your team!

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