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Linkedin: the Best Social Network for Entrepreneurs?

It's always a big discussion about which social media platforms a business should be on. LinkedIn gives you and your company a lot of opportunities - but is it a network you need to be on to be / be successful? Read more about it here. LinkedIn's co-founder and billionaire investor, Reid Hoffman, isn't afraid to offer advice on how to improve your LinkedIn profile. He certainly isn't shy about sharing opinions either. Reid Hoffman's recent stance is: Entrepreneurs who don't use LinkedIn have a massive disadvantage.

Linkedin: the Best Social Network for Entrepreneurs?

"I can almost guarantee you that during this time won't be a successful entrepreneur, if not an entrepreneur LinkedIn," said Reid Hoffman in an interview with Inc.

Why LinkedIn Makes Sense for Entrepreneurs

Although Reid Hoffman's attitudes are, of course, a bit affected since he has an interest in LinkedIn, he has a valid argument.

An important part of how you, as an entrepreneur, succeed is that you've to have a network of resources around the company quickly. You need investors, employees, customers and many other stakeholders - but how do you find them?

With over 450 million members in more than 200 countries - as well as 2 new members every second - LinkedIn has the largest and most comprehensive database of key stakeholders, most entrepreneurs and even well-established companies need.

And an important detail: Once you've figured out how to quickly search and build relationships on LinkedIn, you can easily find, connect, and engage with key investors, partners, and potential customers you need in terms of to develop your business.

LinkedIn as a tool

LinkedIn is one of the most important tools when it comes to finding the right people with the resources needed

Speaking of tools and resources, LinkedIn will develop even more in the coming years after Microsoft bought it for $ 26.2 billion. Expect to see new features, such as video calls a la Skype, calendars, webinars, email and address book integration, and other Microsoft-like features - all of which should help move LinkedIn forward.

"If you aren't heavily involved with LinkedIn, your competitive advantage will be so weak that I almost guarantee you'll fail," Reid Hoffman said.

And yes, Reid Hoffman is hardly an impartial observer when it comes to using LinkedIn to grow your business - but for busy entrepreneurs with limited time and resources, it's well worth considering the network and opportunities they provide when it's used correctly?

Learn how to use LinkedIn

LinkedIn can give you many opportunities if you apply it correctly. You may not be fully committed to how it works - but it's not too late. You can take a course in Job, Career and Networking on the social media, where you'll learn how to use the social media in connection with job search, career development and to build a personal network that can benefit you professionally.

Or you can take a general course on how social media like LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook work. You'll learn to use social media both as a personal tool, as a personal branding tool, as part of marketing in a business or organization, as well as a tool for improved communication.

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