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Tips to Become a Good Entrepreneur

For many unemployed people, it's an often overlooked opportunity to start their own business - become an entrepreneur. It may seem confusing at first, but if you've an idea and an entrepreneur in your stomach, there are really good opportunities to become your own boss. We've compiled 9 of the best tips for you who want to start your own business.

Tips to Become a Good Entrepreneur

1- What you want to do - and to whom?

Starting your own business starts with an idea. Something that you're good at and that you would like to sell.

But before you put into practice a plan, it may prove to make sense to do a market analysis. Find out what you want to do, but also find out who you want to make it for. Is there a market? What's the revenue base? Which competitors do you have?

It may turn out to be gold worth having made that consideration before you go.

2 - Put corrosion by nutrition

Yes, it's the world's most boring advice. But nevertheless, it's important. You can't just go to the bank and get a loan on a good idea and smooth face.

And it's far from always certain that a bank loan is the best solution. A loan can act as a chain link and it can stress you out before you even get started.

So if you can start with an office at home and don't need large production equipment, retail space or the like - then you're more likely to succeed from day one.

3 - Seek advice

You're not an expert in everything. It may feel like it, but the fact is you can't know everything. So seek the advice you can - there are plenty of free options out there too.

Try to visit the regional greenhouses to find out what they offer - and consider whether some money for a consultant may be well spent.

An accountant can also be valuable, but it's not necessarily the first thing you need. Initially, your accounts will be very clear - but you should be careful not to panic about the administrative.

4 - Network, network, network

One of the best ways to come out with your product or service is through networking. Go to network meetings, receptions, conferences and other places where you can meet relevant people.

There are lots of different networks - one that costs something and one that's free.

Find out what's in your area and within your subject area.

5 - Your reputation is important

B ye protection and improvement of its reputation and reputation on the Internet Reputation Management is in line with the social media took was something you've to deal with.

Keep an eye on what's written about you and your business and respond immediately if you find a problem. A dissatisfied customer can cost you a lot of money - and a disgruntled customer you can convert in the public / social space is actually a possible source of revenue. See the dissatisfied customer as a communication platform - and finally lay down if that's what it takes.

6 - Get Found

Almost no matter what you do, the internet will have an impact on your marketing and your opportunity to get the business up and running.

Make sure you can find you. Spend time on search engine optimizing your website (or get a professional to advise you on it).

Make sure you get registered with Google MyBusiness to find local searches. Make sure you get a Facebook page, a Google+ page, a Twitter account etc. The social media are communication platforms that you must not ignore.

7 - Liquidity

Most companies break for a simple reason - liquidity isn't controlled. If you're behind due to bills, then a single dissatisfied supplier may shut you down.

The classic: Remember that VAT is payable.

As a start-up company, you'll probably only have to pay VAT every six months. It's both an advantage and a disadvantage for you. An advantage because you'll have money lying in the bank for a little longer - and a disadvantage because it can end up being a pretty big amount if you forget to put it aside.

8 - Be personal

When you need to communicate about your own business you come a long way in bringing your person into play.

Don't communicate as if it's a group of 10,000 employees if it's just you and your kitchen table. People like to trade with people, and by daring to be human you'll gain a lot in terms of networking and social media.

9 - the name has meaning

Choose a good company name. Something that communicates who you are.

The good company name has several features that are important: it should be easy to spell (also on the phone), it should be available as a domain (and preferably as a.dk domain for that's what people try first) and it should be something people can connect with you.

Try to make your own little informal focus group of friends and acquaintances when you decide. Because once your business is named, it's really hard to change it without having to start over with networking, relationship building, and so on.

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