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Advantages of HR Analytics

How do you design an algorithm to identify the most promising candidates from open applications? This was the question of Google's HR boss Laszlo Bock. Google statisticians collected, analyzed and interpreted the internal personnel data for this and with data analysis they then looked at which personal characteristics and characteristics were the best predictors for this. Five benefits of HR analytics.

Advantages of HR Analytics

1. Being able to contribute directly to the organizational objectives

As a high-tech company, Google can only continue to grow and compete with employees who continue to contribute optimally to this. By identifying the profile of the ideal (including most innovative) employee and selecting candidates, HR directly contributes to increasing the innovation capacity of the organization and thus to an important strategic objective.

2. Save time and costs and set up faster processes

By automating the selection process as much as possible, thIsn't only requires fewer man-hours, but the computing power of the (current generation) ICT systems also makes it possible to make selections of large numbers of candidates in a fraction of a second.

3. Being able to make reliable forecasts

With the connections found, predictions can be made about the effect of changes and new policy. For example, adjusting the profiles and selection criteria based on the results found.

4. Obtain more accurate insight into the internal organizational processes

By analyzing the characteristics of the employees, the organization gains insight into which of these contribute most to good performance at this organization. HR analytics provides insight into the success factors within your own organizational context.

5. Increase the reliability of decisions

Assumptions and personally colored (prejudices) play less of a role in making choices. By having applicants complete an extensive online questionnaire, recruiters can assess candidates for characteristics that increase the chances of success at Google.

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