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What Does an HR Manager Do

The HR manager or human resources manager is responsible for a company's human resources policy. You form the link between the board and the employees. You ensure that the working relationships run smoothly so that the company achieves its organizational goals.

What Does an HR Manager Do

The most important tasks of an HR manager

You're in charge of a team. So you either perform the tasks below yourself or delegate them:

- You draw up and implement a human resources strategy. You do this through advice to department heads and with manuals. In this way you translate the management policy into concrete procedures for the personnel.
- You monitor compliance with procedures for personnel administration. For example, the arrangement regarding salary, leave, illness or bonuses.
- You're responsible for internal communication. You're the point of contact for staff at all levels.
- You maintain any relations with the unions. You organize social elections every four years.
- You determine the recruitment and selection policy for new personnel. You organize and coordinate selection and performance interviews. You prepare the vacancies and are responsible for the reception and the introduction of new employees. You help the staff with problems with their performance or behavior and you supervise their personal development.
- You arrange the outflow policy of the organization (outplacement, exit interviews) and organize any reorganisations and mass redundancies.

The tasks you take on as an HR manager differ from company to company and also depend to a large extent on how large the company is.

What should you be able to do as an HR manager?

In addition to leadership skills, you also need specific skills:

- You're a people person. So you deal well with people and have great empathy. You estimate people easily, and quickly understand their ambitions and talents. You know how to stimulate those talents.
- You've strong communication skills, but above all listen and interpret well. Negotiating is also no problem for you.
- You find it a challenge to motivate people and let them work together.
- You're familiar with social legislation.
- You're in the right place with a human resource management diploma. But you can also get far with a master's degree in law, work psychology, TEW or commercial engineer.

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