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10 Recommendations for Good Cooperation

Based on various publications and our practical experiences, we've formulated 10 guidelines for administrators and professionals about partnerships.

Working in and on partnerships is interesting and challenging for directors, but certainly also for managers and professionals and it's certainly not self-evident that things are going well, because there are many substantive, process-related and relational things that can go wrong and we aren't even talking about the legal issues that must be solved in, for example, competition and tendering. By analogy with Huxham and Vangen (2005, p. 37), we've formulated ten guidelines for administrators and professionals in partnerships, partly based on our research, but also on the basis of the lessons learned from previous publications and our practical experiences.

- Working together requires extra effort; is it worth it
- Work on the basis of 'mutual gains'
- Think from people and from content
- Always be alert to 'the reservoir of trust'
- Working together requires leadership
- Work on reducing uncertainty and ambiguity
- The story must be strategically correct and operationally 'round'
- Organize a process in which support and decisiveness are in balance
- Be alert to the difference between rhetoric and reality
- Each collaboration gets its own dynamics again

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