Work can be approached in many ways. Extreme forms are improvisation on the one hand and routine work on the other. Intermediate form is project-based work (and program management). Depending on the clarity about, among other things, the goal, the product to be delivered, the commissioning and the environment in which the assignment takes place, the right approach can be chosen.

When improvising, thinking, doing and performing are mixed up

Improvisation is 'inventing and organizing for the moment'. Because thinking and doing are mixed up, it's hardly possible to make any statements about the result / product / deleverable that will be delivered or about the work to be carried out. This method is particularly suitable for solving a problem or seizing an opportunity. This working method can be characterized by: 'we do our best'.

In a routine, the outcomes and the method are already determined at the beginning

A routine is a 'regular course of recurring activities'. A routine approach is most obvious when a certain result has to be achieved several times for equal customers, under the same circumstances and with the same means. Characteristic of routine work is repetition. Repetition of procedures, rules, regulations and methods.

With a project you focus the energy on the project result

Actually, projects don't exist. They're people who call certain, unique and result-oriented activities that must be carried out with limited resources a 'project'. They attach the consequence to this that they make different, new rules and agreements than they're used to. But above all, that they want and will work in a project-based manner.

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