6 reasons why influencer marketing is a must for your brand


By promoting your product or service on their popular social media channel(s), influencers ensure that you reach a larger audience. Brand awareness is a bonus, but reach isn't the most important advantage. Here are the top 6 reasons why influencer marketing is essential for your brand:

1. You distinguish yourself with authentic content

Influencers are specialists in creating inspirational content. When they partner with a brand, they use their skills to let your product or service play an authentic role in their storytelling. In other words, they get your message to the right target group in a credible and effective way . It is precisely this authenticity of the content that keeps followers engaged and captivated, even when it comes to a commercial message. No less than 89% of marketers consider the unique 'brand visibility' to be the biggest advantage of influencer marketing. Moreover, you can use the 'influencer generated content' on your own social media channels to generate more followers and boost the 'engagement'.

2. You create 'engagement' with your target audience

With authentic content that is really relevant to the target group, people are triggered to respond and interact (like, share, comment..). A high 'engagement level' is mainly achieved by influencers with a smaller reach (micro- influencers). Their authenticity creates trust that allows them to bond more closely with their followers. So it's not the number of followers but rather a 'close' group of followers that makes it interesting for brands. After all, influencers with a loyal following provide valuable 'brand interactions'. Effectively talking about your brand is more important than just the reach you achieve with an influencer post. A loyal fan more quickly will be more inclined to comment and even share a post so that your brand reaches new people. An audience that shows genuine interest in the content can more easily 'win' you as a brand and convert it into paying customers.

3. You create trust through a personal recommendation

Do you believe in advertising or personal advice the most? If you go for the second option, you belong to the vast majority because no less than 92% of consumers trust the recommendation of another person (even if they don't know that person) than a commercial message that emanates directly from a company. Do you want to generate business impact? Then the 'personal touch' is essential. Influencers are real people who create trust through their authentic content. You can think of influencer marketing as a modern form of word-of-mouth advertising: followers see the influencer as a friend and from a friend you simply accept something faster. When that influencer recommends a product, our interest is aroused and we sometimes even make a purchase. For example, a study by Twitter shows that 49% of consumers effectively follow the advice of influencers.

4. You reach a relevant target audience

Most influencers focus on a certain topic such as fashion, beauty, art, technology… In addition, there are also lifestyle influencers who create content about different topics. Wherever their focus is, they are regarded by their followers as experts in their 'field' . And people who follow them do so because they are interested in this domain. This makes it a lot easier for brands to reach their target audience. With influencer marketing you can therefore communicate very specifically to a relevant audience and this through real people. A study shows that no fewer than 67% of marketers are convinced that influencer marketing helps them reach a very specific target audience.

5. You beat ad blockers

For the user, surfing without all those 'annoying' advertisements is a relief. So it's no surprise that Adblock usage has increased by 30 % . Google Chrome, the most used browser in the world (60%) even has an ad blocker built into the browser itself. Brands will thus find it even more difficult to reach their target audience with traditional campaigns such as banners and advertising pop-ups. An alternative to still generate online impact? Influencer Marketing! The content of these digital heroes is even consciously consumed . Since the content is considered authentic, it has even more impact than a traditional ad.

"Influencer marketing is a viable option for start-ups and companies with a limited marketing budget."

6. You save on your marketing budget

Did you know that influencer marketing in Belgium is dirt cheap? The rates for 1 post here vary from about 100€ to 10,000€. Sometimes micro-influencers are even willing to collaborate in return for promoted products that they are a true fan of . With influencers with a larger reach, an 'exchange deal' becomes a lot more difficult (unless it's about a trip to the Maldives of course). If we compare the rates with other countries, we can't complain (at the moment). If you know that Kim Kardashian asks $ 250,000 for one branded post, you as a Belgian company don't have to worry about the cost. Even across borders, marketers consider influencer marketing to be the most cost-effective online customer acquisition tool next to email marketing.

Influencer marketing is therefore also a viable option for start-ups and companies with a limited marketing budget.

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