7 tips to generate more leads


What is lead generation?.​ To answer that question, we first need to refresh our knowledge a bit. By a lead we mean a company or visitor who has identified you as a potential customer. Think of someone who has filled in a contact form or who has contacted you by telephone. Usually a lead immediately indicates which solution he expects from you. A customer is a lead who has bought a solution from you.

When we talk about lead generation, we are talking about the question: how do I get in touch with potential customers more often?

In the business field, this is often a specific sales activity, ie it's worth investing money and effort in it. There are also many companies that want to help you generate leads. Companies involved in lead generation often don't have their own product range. These companies actually do nothing but sell leads to companies that are looking for potential customers.

Bringing in and deploying leads

If you bring in leads in a good way, the chance that they will purchase products or services in the future is a lot greater. Lead generation is at the top of the action list for many companies.

Once your leads are in, you want to convert them into loyal converting customers. You want to respond to their interests as much as possible. You can achieve this by sending personalized emails or giving personalized offers.

Thanks to the developments of the internet and social media, you can easily get to know and approach your target group, both nationally and internationally.

You can use lead generation for:

  • Building or expanding an (email) address file.
  • The recruitment of new donors or members.
  • The recruitment of new 'fans'
  • Generate leads for qualitative appointments.

7 tips to generate (more) leads

1. Know who your potential customers are.

How do the leads get to the website? What channels do they come from? Where do they work and what information on the website do they find most interesting?

By sketching a profile of the potential customers who visit your website, it's easier to generate leads. The more clearly the profile is outlined, the better you can collect new data. The better you know your current leads, the better you know where to find and approach new leads.

It is also good to create a survey to ask for the opinion of customers so that you know what needs to be improved and what is already good. That way you can collect more leads.

2. Generate leads with free info.

You can easily generate leads by giving away information for free. The trick isn't to give away all the information at once.

For example, you can give a number of tips and the customer can get more tips if he or she leaves his e-mail address. This way the customer can also receive the other tips through email and you can reach your lead from now on because you have his email address.

3.Lead generation with free trial.

By offering a free trial period, potential customers can first test the product for free for a certain period of time. This way they can see whether the product really suits them. Because you have it tested for free, you have a greater chance that the potential customer will purchase your product and you'll therefore have a converting customer.

Two good examples are Netflix and Spotify. With both companies, new members get a free 30-day trial. The customer often falls in love with your service during the trial period and then purchases it.

4. Decide how you'll generate leads.

However you want to generate leads, and there are countless ways to reach leads, we don't want to withhold a tip from you. Determine clearly in advance how you want to generate leads. Think of it like fishing with a net. If you cast a net with holes that are too big, you'll swim through it. Are all holes too small? Then the fish just won't even get in you.

A good service or a good product sells itself. The best way to generate leads is simply very simple: Offer a good quality service or product. After that, the leads often follow automatically. This can be difficult for new companies that have just entered the market because there is still little name recognition.

Well-known companies are often one step ahead because they have been on the market for some time and therefore often no longer have to prove themselves.

5. Create a landing page per type of visitor

Lead generation works best if there is a different treatment for every visitor. A visitor who comes through Google is often different from a visitor who comes through social media. When a visitor comes through Google, they often look for an answer to a question. If a visitor comes through social media, they are more likely to be looking for messages to read. Every visitor is different and so is every lead.

Social media users, for example, leave their data much faster if they can log in directly with Facebook or Google+

You can create display campaigns and use specially designed landing pages to get the right visitors to your website.

Setting up a good landing page and processing important conversion elements also take a lot of time.

Fortunately, you can find many examples through Google that can help make it easier to create interesting and valuable content for your landing pages.

6. Save all lead generation data.

Successful online businesses always use the data they have at their disposal. The more information you get from a website, the stronger the following campaigns can be.

Save the following important data such as:

  • Which pages generate the most leads?
  • Which pages sell best?
  • Which online marketing generates more leads?
  • What kind of information do visitors prefer not to share?
  • What do visitors do when they come to the website?
  • How long does it take for someone to become a lead?

If you store the data properly, you can use it for years to come and optimize it further.

7. Know when people leave the site.

Exit pop-ups are being used on more and more sites. These pop-ups allow you to collect more leads. For example, you can request an email address for special offers or more information. You also know through the pop-up how long a visitor stays on the page on average.


You can generate leads in many different ways. Giving away free information in exchange for leaving data, a free trial, or an exit pop-up. There is no right or wrong way to get leads as long as you have a clear idea of ​​how you want to generate them.

Good landing page and saving the data are very important. The landing page brings the right visitors to the right page and if you store the data properly, you can use it for years to come, continuously improve and optimize your website so that you generate even more leads. Good luck!

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