Benefits of video marketing


Why should you promote your brand, product or service through video? You can read it in our new blog. For example, what is the added value of video as opposed to a poster?

Combination of image, sound and text

One of the main advantages is the combination of image, sound and text. These three parts reinforce a message. They are all covered in video marketing. If you don't look, you hear the message. If you don't listen, you can see the message. And listens and looks at me, so the message comes in more effectively! This way, someone always gets what you want to say in your marketing video. The effectiveness of a marketing video is therefore also very high.

Video marketing is personal

Video is more personal than text. You can use a person in your video with a story that many people can relate to. Or give your brand a personal 'face' in a different way by using the same music over and over in your marketing video. People will recognize this and link your brand to it.

Emotion Enhanced

In video marketing you evoke emotions with images and sound. By choosing the right music and using your voice, you can decide for yourself which emotion you want to evoke in people. The combination of images and these sounds amplifies these emotions. And so the message gets across very well.

Remember better

After watching a video, someone remembers the content better than when reading a text. Your message will therefore reach the target group better. The reason we remember it better is because of the combination of sound, text and image. A text is often read globally. As a result, a message is overlooked or misunderstood.

Wide reach

Marketing videos can be posted on various websites and social media. Every website and social media has a different target group. This will increase your reach.


Compared to a text, we are more likely to share a marketing video. A movie is much more attractive for most people to click on, because it takes less effort to watch a movie. We are even 4 times more likely to watch a movie instead of reading a text.

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