Five tips to get started with online marketing


Whether you have just started with online marketing or have yet to start, these five tips will help you get more results from your online marketing. There are of course many more tips to get more out of your online marketing activities, but let's start with the basics. Below you'll find five tips for a flying start.

1. Action- oriented website

A website must invite to take action. Visitors consciously and unconsciously ask a number of questions when they visit your website.

  • What is this here?
  • What can I do here?
  • Why do I have to be here?
  • What action should I take?

If you don't answer these questions within a few seconds, there is a good chance that they will leave your website soon. Show them why they should choose you and what action you want your website visitors to take.

2. Measure your website

If you don't know what your website delivers, you make choices based on feeling. By measuring how many visitors come to your website, which pages they view, but also which actions they take on your website and which campaigns are successful and which are not, you make well-founded choices. Filled out contact forms, subscriptions to the newsletter, but also the number of phone calls made through your website provide insight into the results of your efforts and help you make better choices.

3. Focus on your users

There's a lot of talk about what's good for Google, but ultimately your user is the one you make money from. Speed ​​up your website, ensure easy navigation and answer questions from your users online. Search engines will appreciate this, which kills two birds with one stone!

4. Dare to invest

It has become virtually impossible to be successful without effort and investment. Dare to invest, make time to get started with online marketing and set a budget available for advertising. Online marketing isn't magic, so give it time to see the results. Those who don't dare to invest will not be successful.

5. Outsource it

As an online marketing agency we are happy to help you, but in the end you also help yourself with it. Online marketing is complex, requires specific knowledge and takes a lot of time. Because the changes follow each other quickly, it's also a challenge to keep up. Our advice: shoemaker stick to your last and outsource your online marketing to an experienced agency.

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