The advanetags of using SMS marketing in your business


Did you know that we check our phone around 85 times a day? Even 80% of Millennials say their phone is the first thing they check when they wake up. It is no lie to anyone that people always have their phones at hand and are ready to search for information or check the latest updates from their social networks. The SMS marketing works, but only if your message reaches the inbox of the consumer, and if your ad is optimized for mobile devices. Next, we bring you the advantages of using SMS marketing in your digital strategy.

1. SMS marketing has the best open rate

Emails can go unread for days, phone calls can go unanswered, but text messages are almost always read immediately after being sent.

2. You can easily track who opened your SMS messages

What links they clicked on and who ignored the message. Platforms like SendPulse allow you to keep track of these and more metrics. Enter to learn more about our bulk SMS service .

3. SMS messages allow you to receive comments from recipients

By a quick tap on the "reply" button or by clicking on your link.

4. Immediate delivery

SMS marketing is fast. Once you hit "send", your message is delivered instantly.
You can set up a campaign and have hundreds of clicks in minutes.

5. Direct communication

With SMS marketing you can customize each of the texts according to your segments.

The basic components of SMS marketing

The two basic components of an SMS campaign are the keywords and the short code. Here is an example:

Text "SENDPULSE" to 555555 and start sending free messages to your customers! "SENDPULSE" is the keyword that is placed in the body of the message. "555555" is the abbreviated code that is placed in the recipient box.

When a customer sends the message, they are "opting in" to your campaign. It's as easy as that. Then you can perform different actions such as:

Send an autoresponder to follow up and let them know what to expect next. Or you can just add them to a list that will send additional text messages over time.

There are other ways to get customers to sign up. Allowing them to check a box on an order form or submit their phone numbers online.

However, numbers received in this way have to be confirmed, as a customer can always enter a number incorrectly. Therefore, before adding them to a campaign, you'll need to confirm their registration with another message. For example: "Text 'YES' to receive weekly coupons." Once they have chosen to participate, customers can also reply to your messages with secondary keywords. Allowing customers to use secondary keywords is a great way to engage with your business.

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