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27 Ideal Home Work Professions

How do you make money working from home?

Working from home has many advantages. Of course there are people who prefer to be among colleagues and who want to work in an office. But for many people, the opportunity to earn enough money from home work is a dream job. Which professions are best suited for working from home? Check out the list below with 30 ideal home work professions. In some of these professions you sometimes have to go out for an appointment and other home work professions require a bit of entrepreneurship or creativity. Thanks to the internet, much more is possible than, say, 20 years ago. Be inspired and you may find a way to generate an income from home.

27 Ideal Home Work Professions

This's how you can work from home...

1. Do you've a passion for something and do you enjoy writing? Then consider the profession of blogger. Blogs are easy to write from home. More and more companies are using bloggers to provide their websites with unique content. Have you never written a blog? You can start today. Starting a website is no longer so difficult. You can also start vlogging. You then become a vlogger who puts a personal blog online through videos.

2. Nowadays there are people who earn their money as a Marketplace seller. You then sell through through sites such as eBay and Catawiki, products that you've bought at flea markets or website. For this work you've to have an eye for trends and be enterprising.

3. If you can program, you should be able to work from home without any problem. Many employers offer their software developers the opportunity to work from home. But you can also choose to work as a self-employed person. For example, if you're a much sought after .NET developer or Java developer, you don't have to worry about work.

4. As a craft artist or creative person you can also use your skills to make unique and handmade products. In America they also take this as the Homemade Crafts. It's not something that will appeal to everyone, but if you love DIY (do it yourself) it can be very lucrative. You'll automatically reach a large audience on sites such as Etsy.com.

5. Do you've life experience or knowledge of a specific field? Then coaching may be an option. You can help people get fit by email, Skype / Facetime or at home, find a partner and guide them in their work. The possibilities in terms of subjects are endless. If you only understand it and can inspire and help people.

6. As a tailor, you can very well carry out clothing repairs, change clothes or even make orders on behalf of people in the neighborhood.

7. As a homework supervisor you can help children and students learn online or at home. You don't always need a diploma. Above all, you must have knowledge of a certain subject and be able to communicate and explain it well.

8. A text writer writes texts for websites, leaflets, newspapers and promotional material on behalf of customers. The instruction for this can also be done by telephone and e-mail. It doesn't matter where you write the lyrics. As long as these meet the wishes of the customer.

9. Do you know bookkeeping? As an accountant you can work very well from home. You really only need a PC and an internet connection. Declarations, declarations and receipts are all digital nowadays or can be easily scanned.

10. A profession as a furniture restorer is very good to do from home. You'll not get rich, but you can go your own way. If only you've a space where you can practice the restoration of furniture.

11. A copywriter is a copywriter who specializes in advertising texts. Many copywriters are self-employed and work for various clients and advertising agencies. As a copywriter you work a lot from home and you've a lot of freedom.

12. Translation assignments are ideally suited to do at home. As a translator you don't want to be distracted too much and all documents can be viewed and edited online.

13. Illustrator is also such a profession that you can do very well from home. Above all, you've to feel what a customer wants. Sometimes you've an appointment outside the door, but you can also do this by email, telephone or through an online connection with images (Skype / Facetime). As an illustrator you're ultimately judged on the result.

14. A photographer usually works on location and in that sense isn't a home worker. But most photographers are independent, work on behalf of others and have a lot of freedom in organizing their work. Successful photographers also sell their own work.

15. Web designer is also a profession that can be practiced from home. There are plenty of web designers who work as freelancers and usually do this from home.

16. A statistician helps people analyze data. This can be students and researchers at a university, but also companies and governments. As a statistician, you use programs such as SPSS and other software. In the past, these programs were so heavy or you needed special computers for them to work in an office. But nowadays you can also do this kind of work at home on your own PC.

17. As a data entry employee you ensure that data is entered in a database. This's necessary, for example, if there's no software that can do this automatically. In practice, this usually means that you enter all data on a computer. Precise and accurate work that you can do well at home.

18. As a telemarketer you can work very well from home for selling services and products by telephone. As long as you've a headset and a computer and a surveyor who has to 'sell' interviews by telephone can also work from home.

19. Some packing work can be done very well from home. For example, you'll receive a pallet with items and a stack of boxes in which you've to pack these items. Work that you can do very well as a packer between household activities.

20. A software tester checks whether software programs such as apps and other digital applications work as they should before they're used. For this you've to work accurately and concentrated. Something you can do very well from home.

21. 3d printing is hot and has the future. Still, not everyone is able to purchase and use their own 3d printer. As a 3d printing specialist you can help these people by printing stuff to order on your own printer.

22. More and more companies offer customer service employees the opportunity to work from home. As long as you can speak to customers at agreed times.

23. As an online seller you help companies from home to sell their belongings and services and if you've a good idea you can eventually start your own webshop.

24. A social media specialist knows everything about Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and other social media channels. You can use this knowledge to help companies use social media.

25. You can give career advice anywhere. Some career counselors prefer to hold career counseling interviews during a forest walk. Others do everything through email and phone. As a career advisor, you're therefore fairly location-independent and you can work a lot from home.

26. The profession of virtual assistant is ideally suited as a home work profession. As the name says, you aren't physically present but imaginary and you support other people remotely in their work.

27. An SEO specialist ensures that websites are better found by Google and other search engines. If you know how to help others with this, you can get started and as an SEO specialist, you can also work almost anywhere, if you only have a laptop.

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