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Make Money at Home: the Top 10

Making money at home is a dream for many people. You don't have to leave the house and you also have a lot of freedom. Only, it's not always easy to earn an income from home. If it was that easy, everyone would.

Make Money at Home: the Top 10

Because what could be better than working from home and earning a nice income that way? The good news is that there are plenty of options for making money at home. We've compiled the top 10.

What are the options for making money at home?

The options below are all possible to make money at home. There's a big difference in the different possibilities, how much you can earn with it. For some options this won't be very much. You can earn a lot with other options. Perhaps even more than with a normal outdoor job. There's also a difference whether it's about making money quickly or building something up and benefiting from it for years.To not miss anything, you'll find the best tip at the bottom. So keep reading.

1. Surveys and panels

Many companies are looking for people who want to complete surveys to provide feedback on their products or services. For example, opinion country is a company that specializes in this. Surveys come in many forms today.

- The good: Easy and you can do it whenever it suits you.
- The bad: The earnings are low. You won't earn a lot of money with this. Sometimes you don't really get paid but credits with which you can buy products.

2. Washing and ironing

Many people dislike mainly ironing. There are enough people who want to pay for this. With an advertisement on marketplace you'll certainly get a response.

- The good: It's quite easy to find a few customers for whom you can do the ironing.
- The bad: You can't ask too much, there's a lot of competition.
- The bad: You've to do it when it suits the customer.

3. Start a webshop

There's more to it here. It all starts with having a good idea. Just starting a webshop isn't going to work. In addition, you also have to make an investment in, for example, stocks.

- The good: A well-running webshop can make a lot of money, so it's certainly an opportunity with which you can earn a lot of money.
- The bad: A webshop is more work than you think. Moreover, you should always be available for questions from the customers.

4. Write texts

Many websites are looking for so-called content. These are articles that they place on their website. If you've a hobby or passion and you can write well and catchy, then you could write and sell texts

- The good: When you write about your hobby, it's actually just fun to do.
- The bad: You must have the talent to be able to write well. It's expected that a text isn't only good in terms of content, but also catchy.

5. Baking and cooking

If you've a passion for baking and cooking, you could set up a kind of catering service. Here you can offer meals, but also, for example, cakes for sale. Facebook lends itself extremely well to find potential customers.

- The good: If this's a passion, you can turn your hobby into your work.
- The bad: You've to calculate how much it costs to prepare something. Specially also for leftovers that government, gas, electricity etc.
- The bad: In addition, people will want to receive it from you at a specific time. you've to adjust your agenda accordingly.

6. Social media

Are you well-versed in social media? Then you can offer companies to maintain their social media. Create posts and reply to messages. Or, for example, edit photos so that they become even more beautiful.

- The good: If you're good at this, there's a lot of money to be made.
- The bad: There's a considerable sprawl of social media experts. Everyone calls themselves an expert nowadays. You've to be able to distinguish yourself that you're really good at it and then you actually need some kind of showcase.

7. Watch out

Childcare is very expensive. You could check whether there's someone in your circle of friends who needs a babysitter and then you can, for example, pick up the children from school and then be careful for a few hours.

- The good: When it comes to fun kids, it's just a fun way to make some extra money.
- The bad: You've to adjust your agenda to the wishes of the parents and child. You also have to keep a close eye on the regulations, what's allowed and what's not.

8. Sell ​​your expertise

What are you good at? Are you well-versed in administration or can you organize parties well? Then you can offer this expertise in the form of consultancy.

- The good: With this you can earn a whole income. Moreover, you're usually not tied to specific times and you determine your agenda.
- The bad: This isn't the easiest way to make money at home. You've to find customers and that's not always easy.

9. Sell ​​your unnecessary stuff

Just start with this. Then you'll quickly see what's selling and what's not and then you can go places like Facebook and Marktplaats to stuff that you know you can sell for a higher price. For example, a good photo already makes a big difference.

- The good: It's a lot of fun to do and you can get started when it suits you.
- The bad: There's a risk involved. It may well be that something sells well initially but not later and then you either stick with it or you've to sell it at a loss.

10. Make Money With Podcasting

Podcasting seems to be an old lost revenue model. Only nothing is what it seems. Podcasting has grown in popularity, and that offers opportunities! Many companies start with a podcast. Nowadays you can easily podcast on different platforms.

The great thing is that many people find the podcasts on the internet. This allows you to earn good money. Do you want to know more about this fun, creative and handy way of making money?

Do you opt for a monologue or a dialogue? Once you've made your choice of podcast type, it's time to grow. We've some tips that guarantee to grow your podcast:

- Choose a topic you're passionate about. Talking with passion attracts listeners. Moreover, you know a lot about it, and you can probably tell a lot of interesting things about it.
- Do you want your podcast to be easy to find and remember? Choose a good and covering name for it.
- Compose the content. A podcast should look loose, but the recording should go well. Think about what you want to talk about, how the conversation flow should go, and implement good attention grabbers in the podcast.
- Record your podcast with good material. Think of Skype, CamTwist or ScreenFlow.

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