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Six Advantages of the New Way of Working

Employees enjoy their work more

Mobile working means that you can do your work anytime, anywhere, at home, on the road or in a flexible workplace. So you're no longer dependent on place and time. Six advantages in a row.

Six Advantages of the New Way of Working

1. More job satisfaction for employees

Research shows that there's a relationship between how people deal with their private and work tasks, their perception of time control and how happy they feel.

One of the main advantages of mobile working is that employees are more flexible and "can better combine private life and work". They've more control over their time and are also more independent. The work is done when the employee feels most comfortable. This gives employees more pleasure in their work.

By giving employees more freedom, control and confidence, the employee becomes more active and involved in the company. Giving freedom leads to a sense of responsibility among the employee. This ultimately results in energetic, dedicated, (pro) active and "productive workers". For the company, this means higher profits, increased productivity, less turnover and better performance.

2. Increased productivity through time savings

Mobile workers accomplish more things in the same time. With a wireless network you can work anywhere on your laptop or PDA. This way you and your employees can email, exchange files and data and attend video or audio conferences at any time of the day.

3. Better service

The more flexible your employees are, the faster you can serve your customer as an entrepreneur. This gives the customer more peace and convenience and ultimately results in a greater degree of customer satisfaction.

4. Lower absenteeism

Several studies show that absenteeism due to illness is lower among mobile workers than among employees who work in the office.

5. Less travel time

Travel time often decreases or is better distributed throughout the day. This has a positive effect on "reducing congestion problems and therefore also on the environment".

6. Accessibility

Your employees are always easily accessible. Even when they're out of place or on the road.

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