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Tips for Being a Mother And Working From Home

Five years ago I started my own company. I saw the perfect picture for me: being a mother and working from home. An ideal situation. When we went on vacation I read a book about being a mother and working from homloace successfully. I was already enthusiastic and after reading this book it couldn't fail anymore, I thought. I was sure.. But it was not that easy.

Tips for Being a Mother And Working From Home

During the holidays I devoured the book; I couldn't wait to put the tips into practice. It had to be a breeze: working from home on my dream job, I didn't need childcare. When I got home I went to work in good spirits.


I carefully followed the steps in the book: I played with my children, gave them (enough) to eat and drink and prepared toys for them to enjoy themselves. I settled in my place, my fingers hovered over the keyboard and hoppa, a child came to sit on my lap. Don't think I could make it clear to Mommy to go to work. I tried everything but nothing helped. As soon as I thought I could get back to work, my attention was demanded or one had to go to the toilet, they wanted to play with something else again or argued.

With my hands in her hair

I was in my hair with my hands. How should I proceed? Just mothering was not for me. I wanted something for myself. It was clear to us that we at least wanted to arrange it without childcare. But how was it to proceed? I had to find my own twist, because working according to the book was impossible. This had to be done differently!

My tips: working from home can be successful!

It has been 5 years since I started my blog and now I've 3 children. It's my full-time job and I also run a webshop. What I do all day? I wrote a blog about it before and I've been doing all this successfully from home for 5 years, without shelter. The children can now enjoy themselves better and they also know that Mommy works now and then. Working from home can be successful! How I finally managed to do this? I made my own step-by-step plan, which can be summarized in the following 10 tips.

Tip 1: Daddy Day

I think 'daddy day' is actually a stupid word, because we raise our children together. No special 'daddy day' is needed for that. But a daddy's day is our husband's day off. He has taken parental leave and a fixed day off per week. This way I can work all day every Monday.

Tip 2: Use your time

Is your child in bed? Are your other children in school? or do they play alone, with (neighborhood) children or outside? Use your time! Don't hang on the couch, do the laundry, sew, knit or tinker... Get to work. Make your work your hobby. This way you suddenly have a lot of time. I don't have time for other hobbies. My work is my hobby so I like to do that in my spare time.

Tip 3: Your time is precious

If you've found time to work, don't spend it on social media or watch videos on YouTube. Ignore social media. You'll work much more effectively and if you've a working day or if you're concentrating for a while, don't answer the phone or open the door. Work effectively!

Tip 4: Dare to call in help

If you choose to arrange childcare for one or more days, you'll have some more time anyway. Do you consciously not choose that and do you occasionally sit with your hands in your hair? Dare to call in help. Maybe there's someone in your area who wants to watch out for a few hours, or you can spend the day with grandparents and it's okay to let your kids stay over now and then.

Tip 5: Keep track of your e-mail

Updating email is a time consuming task. When I'm behind, I sometimes spend a day updating, with the result that I get nowhere. Tracking your email is half the battle. I also regularly update my mail in the toilet or bath.

Tip 6: Buy a good laptop

With a laptop you're very mobile. You can work anywhere.

Tip 7: Stay organized

A cluttered desk is a distraction. You see work everywhere while you forget the work that matters. Stay organized so that you don't spend hours doing overdue work first. Do you've deadlines? Make sure they're ready as soon as possible. If a day goes differently than planned, you don't have deadlines in your stomach.

Tip 8: Stop feeling guilty

My biggest pitfall is that I often feel guilty when I'm working. My children have the privilege of always being at home, but that's quite normal for them. So they can also be very 'pathetic' when I go to work and then it makes me feel guilty. I still have to learn that: stop feeling guilty. Your children aren't short of anything.

Tip 9: Accept that things can go differently

If you work from home and your children are at home, a day can just change. Don't be bummed by that, but accept the change. My experience is that otherwise you just get cranky, so that that day nothing comes out of your fingers and nobody in the house is happy. Find another time to do your job.

Tip 10: Enjoy!

Working from home is a privilege: I can organize my time myself, my children are at home, I can do what I feel like, I don't have to take days off, I don't have to rent office space, I work with the people I like find and I do what my passion is. Enjoy this privilege and make something of it!

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