Archeology focuses on the study of all those changes that have been produced in societies since very ancient times.

Advantages of studying archeology career

It does so through remains that are scattered throughout the planet and are still in a state of conservation.

For this reason, Archeology is considered a social science and is part of the branch of the humanities.

As a discipline it is transcendental and of inexhaustible validity . It also has some advantages . Below we will mention 3 of them for you to consider:

Labor field: it goes from field work to advice in governments and organizations. In that sense, it has multiple sectors in which you can develop according to your interests and concerns.

Continuous learning: its multidisciplinary nature allows it to be nurtured by other subjects such as History , Geology , Anthropology , etc.

Positive impact: the work carried out helps contemporary societies become aware of their cultural past and promote its dissemination and preservation.