An educator knows how to teach different things and often has great knowledge in certain subject areas. You will find educators in all types of education for children, young people and adults. As a teacher you can work in e.g. preschool and school, in high school and college educations, folk high schools and YH educations. You can teach both theoretical and practical subjects. Most pedagogical work is very varied, because as a teacher and pedagogue you constantly meet new students and the area is constantly evolving.

What are the advantages of an educational career?

The Education degree has a broad focus compared to other majors and, therefore, has several advantages, for example:

1. Comprehensive curriculum:

By choosing this area, you will be able to study subjects such as:

- General History of Education.
- Virtual education.
- Learning Theories.
- Sociology.
- Planning of Teaching Processes.
- Statistics.
- Educational orientation.
- Educational psychology.
- Evaluation of Teaching Processes.
- Development and Project Administration.

2. Varied job opportunities:

With all this knowledge, the job opportunity that this career offers you is really wide. You will be able to work in both the public and private sectors in schools, colleges, universities and companies.

Examples for careers in education