Aesthetic Communication

What Does 'Aesthetic Communication' Mean?

Communication with aesthetic intends of expression is used to affect cultural and societal development. Knowledge of aesthetic communication increases the ability to perceive and interpret messages that are conveyed in cultural life, in media and among people. The subject aesthetic communication deals with communication processes and exploration of how to interact with another people across aesthetic intends of expression.

Vocational Guide

The teaching of of aesthetic communication must develop students to acquire the knowledge in communicating with aesthetic intends of expression. Both traditional artistic methods and new technology will be treated in teaching. The teaching should give students the chance to develop skills in methods, techniques and tools for interacting and collaborating with co-creators and audiences. The relationship between, on one hand, the practitioner's intention to reach, touch and be understood and, on another hand, the recipient's interpretation and understanding must be noted. The teaching should contribute to students developing a desire to work with artistic processes and give them the chance to develop an understanding of how meanings can be created and perceived and how to communicate about them. In teaching, the ethical dimension of touching and influencing people,
In the teaching, both the various art forms and linguistic expressions will be utilized to explore techniques and methods for creativity and creation. Students will be given the chance to examination their communicative ability by working with production and design and by examining how particular aesthetic expressions communicate. The teaching should give students the chance to increase their understanding of communication across analysis, reflection and discussion about design.
The teaching must attach fantastic importance to one's own creation, both individually and in cooperation with others. As the subject has an exploratory character, students should be encouraged to seek new paths for creation and communication. They should be encouraged to experiment, try various expressions and forms of expression and to cooperate with another students and between various aesthetic ways of expression.

Needed Career Skills

  • Ability to convey ideas, moods and meanings with new and traditional aesthetic intends of expression.
  • Ability to create intending with aesthetic methods and work through borders.
  • Ability to cooperate and interact.
  • Understanding of creative and communicative processes.
  • Skills in utilizing relevant new and traditional technology as part of aesthetic expression.
  • Skills in using different new and traditional media to communicate about aesthetic expressions.
  • Understanding of how aesthetic expressions and emotional moods can interact and be utilized in various contexts.
  • Knowledge of historical and cultural aspects of aesthetic communication.
  • Ability to make considerations about affect and communication plus knowledge of laws and another regulations in area.

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