Aircraft Technology

What Does 'Aircraft Technology' Mean?

The subject aircraft technology deals with knowledge needed for professional work with service and maintenance of aircraft.

Vocational Guide

The teaching in subject of aircraft technology must develop students to acquire the knowledge of aeronautical engineering constructions in aircraft. Students will be given the chance to develop the ability to maintain, troubleshoot and rectify aircraft faults. In teaching, students must be given the chance to develop their knowledge of how humans and machines interact. Across the teaching, students will be given the chance to develop an understanding of importance of current regulations, collaboration and communication needed in professional area. The teaching shall give the students the chance to develop the knowledge required in line with current rules and requirements for flight mechanics.
In teaching, students should be given the chance to work with tasks that are designed so that they reflect and prepare for situations that students will encounter in their profession. These tasks must be based on a problem-solving and laboratory approach.

Needed Career Skills

  • Knowledge of structure and function of aircraft plus propellers, instruments, components and systems.
  • Knowledge of aircraft, containing propellers, aerodynamics.
  • Ability to perform service, maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of aircraft, containing propellers.
  • Ability to document and assess their work.
  • Ability to cooperate and communicate with others and to utilize technical language in both local and English.
  • Knowledge of factors that influence humans and ability to work in a safe, environmental and quality way based on laws and another regulations that arrange the business.

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