What Does 'Biotechnology' Mean?

Biotechnology is the utilize of biological processes to produce goods 'chemicals, food, fuels and medicines', and services. The services that biotechnology can offer contain waste treatment or contamination control.
Biotechnology utilizes living cells or synthetic products from these cells, such as enzymes. Cells can come from plants or animals, or they can be micro-organisms such as yeast or bacteria.
Biotechnology encompasses the various techniques for utilizing living beings in production processes. If we utilize it in a broader sense, the utilize of biotechnology is really very old and has been used in processes for making wine, cheese, beer; these foods, plus bread, utilize the properties of micro-organisms for their preparation.

Biotechnology, utilizing molecular genetic techniques, has made it possible to acquire proteins as useful in medicine as human insulin, the somatotropin hormone 'better recognized as growth hormone, used to treat a sure kind of dwarfism in children'. The bacterial synthesis of cellulosa enzyme, produced in nature by some forms of fungus, and with ability to catalyze the reaction that converts cellulosa into glucose, a food molecule of fantastic importance, has also been accomplishes with biotechnology. Other fantastic achievement of biotechnology is the production of vaccines used to fight viral diseases. In this way, vaccines can be acquired from synthetic protein coats that are safer because they don't include viral genetic material.

Biotechnology and life sciences are widely regarded as the most promising cutting-edge technologies in coming decades. Biotechnology and life sciences are, like information technology, instrumental technologies, which can be applied to accomplish a wide range of objectives aimed at obtaining benefits of recent years, the explosion of knowledge about biological systems in sciences of life. life will generate a continual stream of new applications.

Biotechnology may be a future solution to problem of human food, because thanks to biotechnology, yearly food production can increase considerably to satisfy the needs of an ever-growing population, and economic food products of better quality will be needed.
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