Agricultural Machinery

What Does 'Agricultural Machinery' Mean?

The subject agricultural machinery deals with technical equipment used in agriculture. Technical equipment used in conjunction with biological conditions and biological methods contributes to a high quality of agricultural products and services plus to sustainable development. With the assist of technical equipment, tasks can be performed rationally and with increased precision. The subject deals with how technology and technological development can contribute to better utilization of biological potential. The subject contains driving vehicles and traffic knowledge.

Vocational Guide

The teaching of agricultural machinery shall purpose at the students developing the ability to utilize technical equipment in right way and in right context. It will assist students obtain tools to seek knowledge about and use new technical solutions. Across the teaching, students will be given the chance to develop knowledge of technical equipment's design, function and setting possibilities, plus the ability to perform service and maintenance of technical equipment.
Practical exercises, field studies, investigative methods and laboratory work in field must be contained in teaching.

Needed Career Skills

  • Knowledge of design and function of and areas of utilize for technical equipment.
  • Ability to maneuver and drive vehicles, vehicle combinations and machines to perform different tasks.
  • Ability to utilize technical equipment.
  • Ability to perform service, maintenance and simple fixes of technical equipment.
  • Ability to establish technical equipment for different tasks and to perform function checks.
  • Ability to work economically, safely and ergonomically and with regard to environment.
  • Knowledge of laws and another regulations.
  • Ability to evaluate and report work results.

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