Applied Programming

What Does 'Applied Programming' Mean?

The subject applied programming enables an interdisciplinary in-depth study within a choosed zone of knowledge. The subject supplies an chance to apply a computer science perspective in a choosed area. Applied programming can cover many various academic disciplines, such as program development, programming languages, algorithms and system development and can be linked to different application areas such as economics, humanities, artistic, creative, medical, natural sciences, pedagogical, social sciences or technology.

Vocational Guide

The teaching of applied programming shall purpose at the students broadening or deepening their knowledge and skills in programming applied in a choosed zone of knowledge. Students must be given the chance to deepen a scientific and professional approach. The teaching should also lead to students developing the ability to utilize relevant concepts, theories, models and methods in order to deal with issues within the chosen zone of knowledge. In addition, the teaching should contribute to students developing curiosity for programming, a computer science perspective on our surroundings and an understanding of its significance in society.
The teaching must lead to current and relevant practice, research and students' own experiences being used. In addition, the teaching must give the students the chance to relate the broadened or in-depth knowledge in programming to chosen zone of knowledge and contribute to students developing the ability to put the knowledge into action.

Needed Career Skills

  • Knowledge of relevant concepts, models, theories and working methods.
  • Knowledge of development process in programming areas and understanding of connections among the various parts of process.
  • Ability to recognize, formulate and solve problems by applying programming in chosen zone of knowledge plus the ability to reflect on and evaluate choosed strategies, methods and results.
  • Ability to analyze the consequences of programming's significance for individual, society and technological development based on sustainability, ethics and gender.

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