21st Century Skills

What Does '21st Century Skills' Mean?

21st century skills is a collective term for a number of general competences that are necessary in today's knowledge and network society. These skills are also usually referred to as 21st century skills. It is about:

- Critical thinking
- Creative thinking
- Solving a problem
- Computational thinking
- Information skills
- ICT basic skills
- Media literacy
- To communicate
- To collaborate
- Social and cultural skills
- Self-regulation

These competencies are not new, but they are very useful in 21st century. They assist students to discover their way in a complicated world.

The 21st century skills can be learned with right didactic approach. In order to develop 21st century skills in students, the teacher must add them to curriculum and make sure that they are worked on purposefully.

Learning skills and attitudes first of all requires knowledge and expertise of a field. It's necessary to make students aware of way they teach and how they process information into knowledge. It assists to stimulate a curious attitude and to reply to intrinsic motivation to learn.

The development of 21st century skills can be promoted across lifelike and meaningful education. For example, by integrating subjects into broad learning areas.

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