Investor's Supervision

What Does 'Investor's Supervision' Mean?

What is investor's supervision? It is an obligation to control construction facilities and processes, which may be established by the investor or imposed on him by the competent authority in constructing allow decision.

Usually, such supervision is mandatory in event of construction with a high degree of complexity or a predicted significant impact on natural environment. In his ordinance, the Minister of Spatial Economy and Construction also specified the forms of building structures for construction of which the investor's supervision is required.

The most necessary tasks of inspector contain representing the investor on construction site, controlling and observing the compliance of construction with its design, checking the building allow, approval of construction works, controlling financial settlements, etc.

The investor's supervision inspector has the right to give orders to construction manager. They often concern the deletion of irregularities and must be entered in construction log each time. The inspector may also combine the function of construction manager, which is according to construction law in force in country. It must be a person with building qualifications confirmed in writing.

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